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Laundry Carts & Recycling Carts

manufactured by Granger Plastics


Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Recycling Centers, Gyms, Day Cares and a plethora of other facilities all use a variety of poly laundry carts. Laundy Carts, that are rotationally molded by Granger Plastics, are extremely durable and designed for years of trouble-free service. These products are more versatile than ever before, with applications ranging from laundry, housekeeping or a wide variety of harsh material handling conditions. Granger Plastics, offers a variety of Laundry Carts and sizes, ranging from Laundry Carts on wheels, 12 Bushel Laundry Carts, 16 Bushel Carts, 20 Bushel Recycling Carts and even step trucks and bulk storage containers! Granger Plastics, currently produces rotomolded recycling carts and laundry carts in the following size options:

Recycling Cart, Material Handling Cart, Bushel Cart, Laundry Cart, Scap Cart, Roto Molded Cart, Push Cart

"Green" Recycling Carts

Available from 100% Recycled LLDPE

Recycling Cart, Material Handling Cart, Laundry Cart, Scrap Cart, Metals Cart, Push  Cart, Can Cart, Laundry Cart, Linens Cart, Hospital Cart
Step trucks nested

are nestable for storage! Variety of Caster options available!


Recycling Cart, Material Handling Cart, Laundry Cart, Scrap Cart, Metals Cart, Push  Cart, Can Cart, Laundry Cart, Linens Cart, Hospital Cart

16 cubic foot cart

Company Name, departments, stenciling all available, Logos and Graphics optional

Bulk Storage Container, Document Storage Container, Secure Document Storage

GP-1004 with locks

Bulk Storage Containers with optional hasp locks, Great for secure document storage

Whether you need a 16 Bushel cart, or a 40 cubic foot capacity Bulk Storage container, Granger Plastics has a solution for your material handling needs! Offering a range of off the shelf Laundry, Recycling and Hospital Carts, Granger Plastics also custom molds a number of Laundry carts for a number of the major players in the material handling industry! Look no further for your partner in Rotomolded Laundry Carts! Granger Plastics is the answer!

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16 Cubic Foot Laundry Cart


The GP-16 by Granger Plastics is a much improved design amongst many of the laundry carts out on the market. Granger Plastics has implemented numerous improvements on the base and casters to the cart, securing the casters to the cart, in a fashion that helps prevent the swivel or rigid from ever tearing away from the cart. Even more ingenious by the World Class engineering department at Granger Plastics, is the rotationally molded poly base, that aides in protecting the caster from abuse. No fragile, messy or cheap appearing plywood base to worry about shortening the life span of a companies investment in its material handling carts. The GP-16 material handling/recycling cart is available in a wide variety of colors or even a custom match to your companies colors! For the environmentally conscious individual, the cart is also available in recycled materials! The GP-16 is available in a multitude of caster configurations. Like most of Granger Plastics products, The GP-16 is molded from either Virgin Prime Material or Recycled Material for the eco-friendly purchasers out there! Also, Granger Plastics can produce the 16 Bushel Laundry/Recycling cart with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties!

For more information on the GP-16 by Granger Plastics, click the image below for an informational PDF file on the GP-16 Laundry Cart

16 Bushel Cart, Granger 16 Bushel, Granger Laundry Cart, Granger Step Truck, Recycling Cart, Laundry Tote

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Rotomolded Carts Display Superior Durability!


When properly processed, Rotationally Molded polyethylene displays some of the strongest physical properties of a man made material on the planet! Granger Plastics prides itself on its high quality production. Granger Plastics will never sacrificie quality, by using "off grade" or "wide spec" materials. While this is somewhat common amongst less quality minded Rotomolding companies, Granger Plastics will never subject itself or its customers to such liability issues. Watch the video below as the Granger GP-16, 16 Bushel Laundry Cart displays it's multi-use functionality and it's extreme durability as it shakes off a 15# sledge hammer blow with no issues at all!

Rotational Molding & Rotational Mold Manufacturing

See the video below, as Granger Plastics explores it's Rotational Molding operation from the early makings of weighing out the materials, all the way up to Rotationally Molding products, building Rotational Molding tooling and so much more! See why Granger Plastics continues to be recognized as a World leader in the Rotational Molding industry! Granger Plastics, a leading producer of high quality laundry carts, recycling carts, hospital carts, bulk storage containers and more!

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